By Joe N. Norman II

A DREAM13PRESS Press Softcover
Publication date: May 23, 2001
Softcover - $19.95 - 409 pages (ISBN 0-9728860-0-1)

CONTACT: Rhonda Norman

American author Joe N. Norman II weaves a fantastic tale of doomsday technology, with a biblical thread woven into his daring debut novel, Starkill - The Son (DREAM13PRESS Soft cover; $19.95; May 23, 2001).

Illustrating their strong belief in Joe N. Norman II and his writing, DREAM13PRESS is publishing Starkill - The Son in soft cover - the first time they have ever done so for a debut novel.

Starkill - The Son is the first installment of a science fiction trilogy beautifully visualized by Joe N. Norman II. It is the story of TRU (Truth Rules Understanding) a veteran of The Theatre Of War that permeates all of civilized space. Having difficulty adjusting when he first arrives back home on his planet Anubijan, TRU meets a woman whose faith in him is as deep as her love and her love for him is as healing as her beauty, mind, body, and spirit. Her name is LEM (Love Ever More). They marry and have a child whom they name DBR (Dawn Brings Revelation). And it is this blessed event that convinces TRU, down his long road to both mental and physical recovery, that finally The War (for him) is over. Then he is told his wife and child are dead... the victims of a tragic aircar accident.

He is still in the shock when a second notice arrives asking him to an audience with POE (Poet Of Eternity), his mentor and leader of their world. TRU thinks it is because he wants to pay his personal condolences, but, instead, learns POE wants him to go on another mission he says only TRU can accomplish: "Find and destroy mega-tech!"

Mega-tech, as TRU understands it, is a system of robot warfare that will take over all wars throughout space. Thus, he sees nothing wrong with it if it will save Humankind. POE quickly points out that nothing will save Humankind except the truth. And with rumours of a plot to tie every individual into input terminals; and a machine so vast, complex, and sophisticated it can obtain true artificial intelligence; and the darkest rumour of all...that the Master Control Computer the brain of mega-tech requires blood to manifest its fullest potential, POE fears truth is the single element missing from mega-tech propaganda.

Riveting space wars wrought with techno-driven detail -- each battle bigger than the last -- abound in Joe N. Norman II's novel, Starkill - The Son, and takes a bold look into a future warrior's mind after it is stripped of ego, once-high ideals, and belief in the politics that sent him into battle in the first place.

For fans of hardcore Sci-Fi, [STARKILL - The Son] is likely to score high.

About the Author

STARKILL - The Son is Joe N. Norman II's first novel.
He lives in Georgia where he is working on the next Starkill adventure.

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