STARKILL - The Father

By Joe N. Norman II

A DREAM13PRESS Softcover
Publication date: September 20, 2007
Softcover - $19.95 - 484 pages (ISBN 978-0-9728860-4-8)

CONTACT: Rhonda Norman

As a demonstration of their continued faith in Joe N. Norman II's vision, DREAM13PRESS is publishing Starkill-The Father - the second installation of Joe Norman's science fiction trilogy. It is a prequel that tells of the events leading up to STARKILL-The Son, but with the most unlikely heroes.

Bambu, China, and Coffee are mercenaries considered the best at breaking into secured facilities no matter how deadly the defense schemes. They have come to Circa to steal the most rumored about, classified, code locked files said ever to exist. But their mission is jeopardized from the moment they teleport to the planet surface. Their ship orbiting five hundred miles above no longer responds. It is gone. Vanished.

Lanuka is a United World Assembly member trying desperately to establish peace on the planet Circa. But the last major corporation is trying to hold onto its waning, government-like power and will let nothing—not even the United World Assembly—stand in its way. The UWA would also like to bring the Against Forces—a tenacious rebel group—into its fold but the rebels would rather fight to the last man, woman, and child, than negotiate with (in their words) a greedy corporation or ineffective politicians. Increased violence among the general public also indicates their growing frustration as leaders, warring factions, and nature itself seems against them and driving them further into poverty and despair. And all of these prevent the planet from achieving what most say they want—for Circa to become the newest member of the Universal Family Of Colour. Add to this Lanuka's visions—horrifying dreams of planets engulfed in war and flames—and her determination to not let this happen to Circa keeps her in constant fear that her very best efforts may not be enough.

CAS, Anubijan of Onen is an Emissary Of Peace sent to Circa to help resolve its global conflict. But he is seen as an enigma. He has the air of a clergy—but comes from a planet of warriors. He is supposed to help settle Circa's crisis—but his only suggestion is war. Lanuka vehemently opposes him until at the very end of their heated debate, she offers a reluctant truce. Thinking she may soften his stubborn position, she suggests a tour of the city.

But plans go awry.

Converging events trap the mercs, the assembly member, and the warrior-clergy together. Each must choose sides—quickly—or they all will die.

Intense ground battles drive them into different social arenas—the United World Assembly Building—the underground headquarters of the Against Forces—and finally into space, where even larger more violent battles occur. It is here they encounter ships made not on assembly lines—but prayer lines. And it is here that Starkill-The Father takes another look into the mind of future warriors—and a future that claims, "angels are made not born."

About the Author

STARKILL - The Father is Joe N. Norman II's second novel.
He continues to live in Georgia
and has already begun work on the final Starkill adventure.

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